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METSTRADE 2020 canceled

 METSTRADE 2020 canceled

It’s a challenging year for all markets, especially in marine industry. METSTRADE Amsterdam is confirmed cancelled this Nov. See you next year, METSTRADE! ⚓
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COVID-19 update. Our donation has also arrived Ravenna hospital Santa Maria delle Croci in Italy.

Our donation has also arrived Ravenna hospital Santa Maria delle Croci in Italy. Thanks for our longterm friend Glomex S.r.l. helping on delivering faceshields and masks to local hospital.
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IBI’s weekly reminder Beyond COVID-19 May 15, 2020


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We Tasonic has been supplying OEM parts in marine, tool, machinery industry. Offering productions 100% from Taiwan. Materials are in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, Titanium, plastic. Processes are forging, casting, metallurgy, stamping, injection molding.

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At the critical time like now, we offer even more supports to customers. Let me know if you are looking for any parts to be made.

Coronavirus - Tasonic supports around the world

Apr 10th, 2020

Novel coronavirus outbreak in China is not expected to have any effect on our business and financial results. All shipments in the first quarter of this year will be on schedule.

We support our customers around the world. Not only normal production of OEM parts, but also protective equipment during the crisis. Our friends have grouped together to produce face shield. Today, first batch are dispatched to USA, UK and Italy.


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Transparent film: PET
Padding: Foam
Strap: Staple fixed elastic band
Dimension: 30cm x 21 cm (11.8” x 8.3”)
Package: 10 pcs per bag


In memory of our general manager HP Chang

At 1:20 am Dec 27, we had to say goodbye the last time to our loving father, HP Chang.

He had been suffering from gastric cancer since diagnosed in Oct 2018. After surgical removal of whole stomach, He had been fighting and recovering from the big change of losing an important organ of digestion system. Starting from liquid diet to very small amount of regular food, he had to adjust with tremendous effort. With our mother Susan and sister Lily, Ariel taking care of him, normal life has returned within three months. However, his surgeon had informed us after the surgery that cancer cells has spread to lymph nodes. Metastasis were seen in liver only two months after surgery. He never gave up and kept searching for any possible medical assistance. In the final days, with love from God, Dad didn’t feel any pain but fatigue only. Surrounded by family members when he finished his last breathe.

My father, HP Chang accomplished much in his life. Working for Honda and Philips as the first two jobs enriched his engineering knowledge and also vision of the world. He then worked for several companies and also tried to startup companies with friends’ joint venture. All the experiences established the foundation of Tasonic at age of 55. The working philosophy of him are always fast, detailed, precise, responsible and honest. Working together with him was hard sometimes, because I always found that he had finished the job while I was still collecting information. With his knowledge, each step he took was always precise and detailed. When there are problems or rejects, responsibility and honest are the only choices he would take to handle issues. These are now our top principles of work every day.

He lived 78 years and he is finally at peace. We will miss him dearly.



No radioactive material in Tasonic's Stainless Steel products

There are a lot news regarding radioactive elements in stainless steel productions of India found in Germany and Sweden. Our material are all purchased locally in Taiwan and go through radiation detection before purchasing. Customers of Tasonic don't need to worry about radioactive substances in our products. Please click the file icon in below right corner to see the certification.

Policy Statement on DRC Conflict-Free Minerals

Tasonic is committed to support and subscribe to the use of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Conflict-Free Minerals which include gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and tin (Sn). “DRC Conflict-Free” is defined to mean products that do not contain conflict minerals or their derivatives determined to be directly or indirectly financing or benefiting armed groups in the DRC or adjoining country (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Central African Republic).
Tasonic has established and implemented procedures to comply with this policy. Tasonic requires all suppliers to undertake reasonable due diligence within their supply chain to ensure that the minerals are not being sourced from mines in conflict areas. Suppliers are required to source minerals from any current published list of Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition-Global e-Sustainability Initiative (EICC-GeSI) audited smelters.